It’s almost time for the first episode of H comme Handicapé.e.s (D like Disabled) the podcast who passes the mic to disabled people because we need to hear them more
So, I think that catch phrase gives you a pretty good idea of what we’re gonna talk about in this podcast. What you need to understand with this teaser is where the idea came from. And the answer is pretty easy. I could even use just one word :

Anger. Anger and exhaustion because even activists movements who call themselves “safe and inclusive” always forget to include disabled people. Anger and exhaustion because since the covid 19 pandemic I’ve read many articles telling me that the life of someone with a disability had less value than a non disabled person, and that if they had to choose doctors would rather give a ventilator to an able bodied person

And with all that anger came an urgent need to give the people of my community a place to express themselves. Of my communities, plural. Cause I’m disabled and I’m also part of the LGBTQ+ community. And I’m definitely not the only disabled person who’s experiencing different oppressions. I made this podcast to give those people an opportunity to speak up.

That’s why once every three weeks you will hear a disabled person express themselves and share their experiences on various topics such as : sexism, the LGBTQ+ community, traveling or even the art of tattoo...
Of course each episode will be accessible to deaf people with a transcription on the website hcommehandipodcast.fr and on Youtube with subtitled videos.

The first episode will be available on March 8th and I’m counting on you to help spread the message